How to return

With Decathlon you have 365 days to change your mind! 
If you have bought a product on your Decathlon website and it does not fit 100% or you would like a different colour/size, you can change your mind and return the product to us. We will refund you for it.

We cover the entire shipping fee for return.

We are afraid that we do not send you a new one as EXCHANGE unless the item is defective.

Please make a new order for different color or size. You can make the order even before

you return the item.



The flow to return your item is below.


1. Fill out the document

    You need to fill out a sheet that arrives to you with an item.

  There are 3 small squares on the upper part and 5 on the middle part.

    Please make sure to tick all of the 3 small squares surrounded by red frame in the picture below.

    If it does not bother you, please tick any of the 5 small squares (like in the blue frame) as well               according  to the reason you want to return.



2. Pack the item and the document together

   Please pack the item you want to return with the document mentioned on step 1.

   The item has to be returned with the document. 

   If you do not have the document, please write the information below on some paper and send it

  with the item.

・Your name

・Your order number

・Your e-mail address

・Your phone number

We recommend obtaining a proof of posting from your post office when sending back your parcel.


3.Ship the parcel to our office

Please send your parcel to the address below.

Zip code:571-0043

30-5 Kuwazaishinmachi Kadoma-shi Osaka, 571-0043



Please tell a clerk at post pffice or a shipping company that you would like to use "cash on delivery".
If you need some language help, please simply show him the Japanese message below.

ご担当者 様






The defective item is checked by our quality team at the warehouse.
After we check everything, we will contact you about refund.

You can see more details about refund or exchange here.
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